Our path to minimalism usually starts with decluttering our material belongings. But what about your digital track?

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We are spending much, actually too much time online. (If you don’t believe me, check your screentime of the last week right now.) And it won’t help you to get a clearer mind sitting in a minimalistic black and white room with no deco on your desk while having thirty tabs open (omg, where is this music coming from?!) and storing thousands of selfies on your device from the good old days when you were 13.

As wannabe minimalists, we want to consume…

None of the other areas in software development is as paradoxical as the project effort estimation.

1. You estimate even if there is nothing to estimate

The effort estimate must often be made quickly and sometimes before clear requirements are defined, which is a bit absurd. Why? Because the effort estimation of a project is defined as “A reasonably accurate calculation and assessment of the probable cost of carrying out defined work under known conditions.”

In the case you just skipped the definition, the keyword was known conditions. If we don’t know the conditions, we are guessing. It’s not called an estimation anymore, it’s a guess.

When a stakeholder asks…

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